Future Workshops

Listed below are my upcoming creative writing classes. Get in touch if you have any questions. I can be contacted through this blog or at marshrachel@yahoo.com.

Creative Writing
Perth/Pathways Centre – Writing Inspiring Fiction (15th and 16th September)
Guildford/Guildford Book Festival – Beginning Creative Writing (9th to 13th October)
Guildford/Guildford Book Festival – Masterclass (9th and 12th October)
Braemar Arts Festival – Creative Writing Retreat (20th and 21st October)
Perth/Pathways Centre – Building the Novel (11th and 12th November)

Lifelong Learning Dundee (LLD) – Exploring Genre Literature (Five Wednesdays 18th October through 15th November)

Perth College/UHI – Pathways Centre
Contact Pathways directly for prices and to book: 01738 445255 pc.pathways.perth@uhi.ac.uk
Pathways Leisure Schedule
Writing Inspiring Fiction (15th and 16th September)
Aimed at both beginners and seasoned writers, this workshop will take you from being inspired to write, to inspiring others with your writing. Through writing prompts, group discussions, and class exercises, this course will be a hands-on chance to experiment with different ideas, forms, and genres. Each person will be encouraged to work towards individualized writing goals, so that once the class is finished they can continue with their writing practice at home.

Building The Novel (11th and 12th November)
Have you ever wanted to write a novel? Have you started writing a novel but you’re not sure what to do next? Have you thought about writing a collection of short stories? This two-day workshop will take you from idea to editing. We will discuss how best to structure longer works of fiction, how to develop engaging characters that move the story forwards, and how to build suspense through genre. This class is very interactive and will include writing prompts, class exercises, and group discussions. Each person will be encouraged to work towards individualised writing goals, leaving the course with a clear plan on how to help their project come to fruition.

The Guildford Book Festival
Beginners Creative Writing (10am to noon, 9th to 13th October)

Held over five weekday mornings during the Festival, each lesson will focus on a different aspect of the writing process. You can take part in as many lessons as you like, but if you sign up for the entire week in advance you get the fifth lesson free.

Classes are practical in nature so come prepared with paper and pen. For the last 30 minutes of each class there will be a special guest speaker, either an author or a publishing professional, offering top tips and advice, with a chance to ask questions.

Monday: Introduction/Getting Started
Tuesday: Character Development
Wednesday: Dialogue
Thursday: Plot
Friday: Editing/Getting Published

Masters Class (Afternoons, 9th and 12th October)
Aimed at those who have taken a writing class previously or who are looking for support beyond the beginner stages, this course will ask you to focus on your own personalised writing goals. Bring an already existing project, or start a piece of writing from scratch, the class will lead you down a path ending in the completion of a small writing project. The class will focus on writing prompts, group discussions, and individualised feedback, but mostly it will be a supportive writing environment.

Braemar Arts Festival
Creative Writing Retreat (All Day, 21st and 22nd October)

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the Braemar Arts Festival. The town, the people, the activities, the landscape, the warmth of the community on cold nights. The Braemar Arts Festival makes me happy.

Every year I teach a two day intensive writing workshop that’s open to both returners and beginners. We spend the two days working as a team to help each person achieve their individual writing goals, and in the process learn a little about writing character, developing plot, and turning a phrase.

Lifelong Learning Dundee (LLD)
Location: University of Dundee
Exploring Genre Literature (10.30am, Five Wednesdays 18th October through 15th November)

This five-week course will explore what ‘genre’ means, and how it can influence tone, character, and narrative. We will look at a number of different genres including crime fiction, romance, science fiction, and historic fiction, as well as genre hybrids like supernatural crime thriller. Using short fiction and film to illustrate examples, this course will be a mixture of lecture and lively discussion, with student interests leading the direction of the syllabus.
The World Through Literature – Eric Linklater’s ‘Magnus Merriman’ (10.30, 16 November)


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