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Quick Post: Prepositions

If you’ve ever had a problem with the preposition, check out SheWrite’s piece ‘Preposterous Prepositions.’ Advertisements

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How American and British English Differ

A while back I posted about writing for British and American audiences. This must be a popular topic, as I’m still getting a few hits a day on that article. If you want to find out more about the differences … Continue reading

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Do you hear punctuation?

Check out this great blog/comic strip from Girls with Sling Shots. A true editor will hear punctuation. Do you?

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Quick Post #123568 (I’m just making up numbers now)

Helpful tip on editing and rereading from Do You Do the Write Thing.

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It’s Scarier Left Unsaid

There are a series of stories going around the internet, which feature nothing but two lines and an overwhelming sense of creepiness. (I am none too pleased with the second part of the title of this particular link ‘[…] that … Continue reading

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Quick Post #14: Why they’ve stopped reading

Editor Elizabeth Law has put together a very informative and helpful post stating the top ten tips reasons why editors stop reading your work. Check it out.

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Human versus Machine: More than just Spell Check

Yesterday, during my day job, I nearly had a public melt down. Someone from IT suggested that we download a bit of software that ‘cleans and edits your writing for the web’. My manager and co-worker stated that they thought … Continue reading

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