23 Things

23 Things Post – 15 July 2015
Listing podcasts on creative writing and literature.

23 Things Post – 10 July 2015
What I found when I explored Wikipedia.

23 Things Post – 9 July 2015
Academia.edu and ResearchGate. Understanding social media for academics.

Second 23 Things Post – 5 July 2015

After whinging that I’m behind in my 23 Things tasks, I finally got caught up. Below are my musings.

Week 4 (I told you I was really behind in the tasks) suggests that I link my various social media accounts together – or at least link my professional accounts. On some levels, I have long since completed this task, as this blog is linked to my professional Facebook Page – Notes from a Creative Writing Teacher. However, I have not linked to my Twitter account (as encouraged in Week 5 of the 23 Things course), because not only do I consider it a private account but also because I never Tweet. In fact, I signed up ages ago and only keep the account because I don’t want anyone else to have my Twitter handle @marshrachel. But, as a little experiment, I will set this blog to automatically publish to my Twitter page. If you’re interested, feel free to find me and follow.

Week 6 talks about photo sharing, with a focus on Flickr. To be honest, I am – of all social media – least comfortable with online photo sharing. I’ve worked in academic publishing where it was my duty to hunt down copyright for photos that were absentmindedly taken off the internet by an author who was searching for images to use in the plate sections of his book. Photo copyright is tricky business, and not everything on the internet is up for grabs, even if you think it’s out of copyright it most likely isn’t. (In short, just because a painting — or a statue, a fresco, or a sculpture — is out of copyright, the photograph of that work of art is likely owned by someone.)

Additionally, many social media platforms state in their terms and conditions that by uploading your photos to their site, they then own the photos. Because of this, I have stayed away from uploading images to social media. However, perhaps, I should rethink this. Not necessarily by uploading my images to social media, but as a way to search for free and usable images to include on my blog. If they are indeed free and available for use, and actually owned by the individual who put them up for use as ‘creative commons’, then maybe I should reconsider photo sharing as a way to source images.

Tasks from Weeks 7 and 8 made me feel more successful. Week 7 was about LinkedIn, and this task encouraged me to update my profile, something I’ve been putting off for quite some time. Week 8 focused on Academia.edu, a networking site for (obviously) academics. I joined this site not long ago, but I haven’t posted any papers to it. However, I have taken advantage of reading other people’s work. I’ve yet to comment on them, I guess that’s the next step.

First 23 Things Post – 10 June 2015

I’m taking an online class entitled ’23 Things’, which aims to expose its students to a ‘range of digital tools that will help you in your development as a researcher, and a professional.’ This programme is part of my professional development as a Postgraduate Researcher at the University of Surrey, and — while I have been blogging for quite some time — I’m hoping this course will develop my social media presence on other platforms, as well as provide a little guidance on blogging as an academic.

Oh, did I mention that I am an academic…again?

Yes, after a three(ish) year hiatus, I have returned to the world of postgraduate study. Last January, I began my PhD in Satire at the University of Surrey, and as of 1 June I left the day job. In October, my Studentship at the University begins, which means I become a fully funded Doctoral student. All big changes, maybe I should probably start blogging about it. (Isn’t that what modern postgraduates do?)

While working on my PhD, I will continue to teach creative writing, as well as edit and write on a freelance basis; so, I’m hoping the ’23 Things’ course will help me develop skills to bring this all together under one digital brand.

This tab/page, ’23 Things’, has been added to my blog, and I shall be adding essays and topics relating to my course work here. Also, please feel free to get in touch with your suggestions and tips on creating a digital presence. As always, I love to hear from others in the blogosphere.


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