You are a Writing God

Recently, I’ve repeatedly heard new creative writing students state variants of the following of phrase, ‘I didn’t know what to write next, so I just made this up’.

My response, ‘Of course you made it up. It’s fiction.’

It’s the insecurity of not being an expert that is stopping a lot of new writers from moving forward with their work. A fear that someone will read their piece and state, ‘Oh, that’s not correct. Your character couldn’t have possibly done [insert any action or behaviour here].’

To this I say pish-posh.

My advice to all who are afraid of ‘making stuff up’ when writing fiction is this: as long as your work holds true to the world that you have created then do it. You are the creator and master of the universe of your writing, so you can do whatever you like in your world.

If you end up creating a scene or character that does not act in accordance with the rules of the world in which you have created (for example, you have made a PETA activist character microwave a kitten for shits and giggles), you can always fix it in the edit. After the draft, you can either change the character, the action, or the world. (For example, in your edit you can make your PETA activist NOT microwave a kitten.)

You’d be amazed at what you can fix in an edit. You can always change things after the first draft.

So, remember this. You are a writing god, and you are allowed to ‘just make things up’.

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