Another great Festival in Braemar


The River Dee passes through Braemar

For the past four Octobers, I have spent several days in Braemar working with creative writers as part of the Braemar Arts Festival. It is regularly the highlight of my creative year, and this Festival was no different.

In past blogs I have discussed the wonderful writers I have had the chance to work with at the Festival (Braemar Blog Posts), but this year I want to mention the evening activities. The Braemar Arts Festival is a week of creative arts classes during the day and community events in the evening.

This year, I was able to participate in two evening activities. The first was a Pub Quiz, and — despite having the memory of a gold fish, and being the worst trivia player one could meet – I was put into a group, who politely listened to my suggestions for answers and rightly ignored them. We did abysmally but at least it wasn’t due to my consistent incorrect answers.

The Festival also held what we would call in the south of America a good old fashioned hoot’nanny. As the Festival featured fiddle and ukulele lessons, as well as a plethora of local musicians, they all gathered on the last night to jam.

This is one of those times that a film would say more than I could. See my badly edited video on my Facebook page, and think about attending next year. The Braemar Arts Festival is one of the best community events happening in Scotland.


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