23 Things

I’m taking an online class entitled ’23 Things’, which aims to expose its students to a ‘range of digital tools that will help you in your development as a researcher, and a professional.’ This programme is part of my professional development as a Postgraduate Researcher at the University of Surrey, and — while I have been blogging for quite some time — I’m hoping this course will develop my social media presence on other platforms, as well as provide a little guidance on blogging as an academic.

Oh, did I mention that I am an academic…again?

Yes, after a three(ish) year hiatus, I have returned to the world of postgraduate study. Last January, I began my PhD in Satire at the University of Surrey, and as of 1 June I left the day job. In October, my Studentship at the University begins, which means I become a fully funded Doctoral student. All big changes, maybe I should probably start blogging about it. (Isn’t that what modern postgraduates do?)

While working on my PhD, I will continue to teach creative writing, as well as edit and write on a freelance basis; so, I’m hoping the ’23 Things’ course will help me develop skills to bring this all together under one digital brand.

A new tab/page, ’23 Things’, has been added to my blog, and I shall be adding essays and topics relating to my course work here. Also, please feel free to get in touch with your suggestions and tips on creating a digital presence. As always, I love to hear from others in the blogosphere.

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