Not Recommended for Soup

I am a huge fan of TheBloggess. Her most recent post ‘The Perfect Valentine…’ sets my heart a flutter for two reasons: it features a review on Amazon about purchasing human remains on the internet, and her reader’s comment about a 4D pig TheBloggess found for sale on Amazon.

Here is the Amazon review of human remains:

notrecommendedforsoupHere is her reader, Annie, commenting about a 4D pig (fourth comment down from the top in the original blog):

‘4D? When you get that pig, can you please let us know what the 4th dimension is? Does it travel through time or space or something like that? Is your pig really a Tardis in disguise? Will it create a wormhole that sucks you and Dorothy Barker into and you’ll be able to post blog updates from an alternate reality? Because if that happens, I’m going to need Amazon to replenish their stock.’

And, please read TheBloggess’ entire post, as it is the most wonderfully macabre Valentine’s Day diatribe.

The reason I’m blogging about this blog (how terribly meta) is to highlight the fact that stories are everywhere. As mundane as your life may seem, there’s someone out there who is taking a trash bag of human remains to the curb.

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