Quick Post #12: Getting Published is Hard

I stumbled across this negative post called The Truth about Publishing, and despite its ‘grumpy’ nature I agree with all Ian Irvine has to say. From thinking writing is easy to being one in a million books on the market, being published is not a quick pass to fame and fortune. Or, even a quick pass to being a writer.

Yet, this could be a ‘glass half full’ type of article. If you read this, and still think ‘I love writing, and it’s what I do. No matter how many obstacles to success I face’, then you’re doing better than most.

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2 Responses to Quick Post #12: Getting Published is Hard

  1. Diane says:

    For me writing the thing is the success. Having anyone read it is a triumph and to have someone say they like it is the gold at the end of the rainbow. I don’t think my expectations are low particularly I think it is simply that the writing is what matters. Very interesting article. thanks


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