Did she, or didn’t she?

(Added 24 May 2014) After completely forgetting that I wrote this post, I’ve finally decided to answer True or False to the statements below. See responses in italics.

An interneter found this very blog by using the search words ‘Rachel Marsh facts’. Either someone thinks they don’t have all the necessary facts about me to make an educated judgement about something (because I am an enigma), or they’re looking for a different Rachel Marsh.

In the case that they are hoping to find out more about yours truly, I’ve included below a list of ‘facts’. Half are true and half are false. Feel free to play, ‘Did she, or Didn’t she’ amongst yourselves, and at a later date (if I remember) I’ll release which facts are true and which are false.

Good luck.

    • I once carried a dead goldfish in her pocket for a week to mourn its passing.

False. I never carried a goldfish in my pocket. Ever. However, I did go to kindergarten with a kid who did.

    • I’m, in fact, a Canadian.

False. I am, in fact, an American.

    • Given the ‘you can eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?’ question, I choose Sushi.

True. This is so unbelievably true. I love sushi. And if I could easily live off sushi and watermelon for the rest of my life. In fact, there’s a new juice and sushi bar opening in Dundee, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m quite worried I’ll spend my entire pay cheque there.

    • Has an egg intolerance.

True. Not much else to say other than, I cannot eat green eggs and ham. Well, I could have the ham.

    • Was told by Jane Asher that I looked like a ‘railway child’.

True. A few years back when Gerald Scarfe was reading at the Dundee Literary Festival, and he brought his wife, the famous Jane Asher. I was helping out with the event, and she asked me for directions to a coffee shop. I took her outside to point the way, and she remarked that — despite the fact that I was a 37 year old woman — my outfit made me look like a ‘railway child’. She was quite lovely, and — to be honest — I take it as a complement.

    • Was on the cover of ‘Out’ magazine during Pride Week.

True. While I am in support of LGBT rights and have several close gay friends, I am not a homosexual. However, this did not stop me from working in a gay bar in Denver, called Proteus. One year during Pride Week, I was manning the beer tub wearing a neon catsuit and a black vinyl skirt. I was young, and cute, and terribly colourful. So, I ended up on the cover. I still have a copy of the magazine back in the States, I’ll have to dig it out the next time I’m home and post it on the blog.

    • Has a scar on my thumb caused from being grazed by a bullet.

False. I do have a scar on my thumb, but it was not caused by a bullet. There are two stories to how I got the scar, and I’m not sure which is true. All I know is that, back in the mid 90s, I was at a party dancing to a live band in someone back garden, when suddenly something hit me and I was covered in shattered glass. There were two eye-witnesses with different stories, and both stories create more questions than answers.

Story 1) a man in front of me was hit on the head with a bottle, it bounced off his head and on to me, where it shattered. The questions that this brings to pass are: why did the man in front of me not react to being hit on the head with a bottle? (There were no fights at that party.)

Story 2) there was a bottle on the roof and it rolled off. This answer then asks, why was there a bottle on the roof?

All I know is that dancing like a member of Friends, in some sort of hands-in-front-of-my-face shimmying way, saved me from getting broken glass in my eye.

    • Once threatened my boss that I would put him on the ‘naughty step’ if he didn’t ‘stop acting like a twat’.

True. We don’t need to go into this one any further.

    • Knows all the lyrics to every song by Journey.

False. Once again, no need to explain.

    • Was once paid handsomely to smuggle geraniums into Mexico.

False. But it would make a good story.

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One Response to Did she, or didn’t she?

  1. Diane says:

    Some of em are obviously true, some of em couldn’t be and some of em I just don’t know. The two that are linked and trouble me are 1 and 3 – there are such gruesome possibilities there.


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