Braemar is Epic

BraemarIn October 2012 and 2013, I had the honour of teaching at the Braemar Arts Festival. This is such an amazing event – completely organised and run by the locals of this small highland village. The atmosphere of the festival has absolutely none of the pretensions many of the larger book and arts festivals have managed to acquire. So, it was no surprise when they were awarded a Scotland Epic Award.

Congratulations to all those who put the festival together, you truly are Epic.

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2 Responses to Braemar is Epic

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  2. Hi Rachel Thank you for mentioning us on your blog! I am still over in Oslo helping my daughter with her new born baby girl, Elia and a toddler son, Leo not yet 2, but I shall be back in Braemar next Friday. However, since I have some time to myself this afternoon I thought I would just mention we would like you to teach at Braemar’s Festival 2014. Because of our award we are stepping up a gear and will shortly have a website, our own bank account and a more streamlined committee. Although I am still overall coordinator, my areas of responsibility will be drama, dance and literature. So I am officially inviting you to take part once again. The dates are Wed 22nd October until Sunday 26th (5 days instead of 4 this year). If you are available and would like to come back again perhaps you can let me know which days would be good for you? I hope you are well and still enjoying living in my home town! If you have colleagues who might like to offer a class in some other form of writing e.g. script writing, poetry, song lyrics etc please let me know as we are continually looking to offer new classes to keep the Festival fresh and innovative. Best wishes, Marilyn Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2014 15:17:41 +0000 To:


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