Back on Air

Last year my good friend Annie talked me into going on the radio with her to co-host a show called ARTS (Annie and Rachel Talk Shop), in which we chatted with artsy-creative-industry-types. It was an absolute blast, and she and I spent most of the hour goofing off. Problematically, we often found that one of us could not do the show, turning ARTS in to ATS or RTS (which sounds more like a syndrome than a talk show). After one of my solo shows, Annie admitted that while she couldn’t be on the programme due to work commitments, she could listen to the show. She then stated, ‘Wow, this is really good. I should listen to this programme every week…’ It then dawned on her that she was listening to her own show.

It was from this moment of confusion that ‘Staff Lunch‘ was created. In the new year, Annie kindly talked the radio director into letting me have my own show.

As DUSA (Dundee University Students Association) radio is a student run station, I have decided to gear my show towards the staff at the University, playing music we love, remember and (that I feel) highlights what good rock should sound like.

Today is my first day back on air. So feel free to click over to DUSA Radio from 1-2pm (GMT). And if you miss me today, I’ll be streaming live every Wednesday at lunchtime.

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