Internet Trolls

One of the most popular posts on my blog is Bloggin Identity: Anonymity or Transparency, and I believe this is because as more people become internet-literate they want to share their lives with the world. Furthermore, the internet is a scary place where lines of privacy are blurred; so many new bloggers (and even some seasoned writers) want to investigate the lines of privacy before continuing forward with posting personal thoughts and ideas.

However, not everyone is writing from the heart. In fact, there are many in the digital world who post intentionally inflammatory comments on others’ sites. These comments may or may not be their true viewpoint, but they supply an opinion that is often the opposite of others posting just to see mayhem that ensues. These individuals are called Internet Trolls and they hide behind the anonymity the internet offers.

Jack from Academic Earth recently sent me a link to a video presentation about these Trolls, which I certainly think is worth having a look – especially if you are interested in discussions of truth, fiction and representations of identity on the internet.

You can see the Academic Earth video by clicking here: The Psychology of the Internet Troll.

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