Posts over at ShortbreadStories

The three following posts, and one collection of essays, have recently appeared on ShortbreadStories

Summer Motivation: ‘As writing is traditionally an indoor sport, and with summer and all its sunshiny glory ahead of us, how do you get motivated to write?’

Self-Publishing Checklist: While you may have talents that extend beyond writing your manuscript, no one person can do all the jobs needed to create a stylish and professional book. It would take an exceptional individual, someone who is not only a talented writer, but a person skilled in editing, P.R, web-design, layout, illustration and video. This is a check list of the things that you can do when self-publishing.

The Battle of the Teaching Methods: Teaching methods are as different as the students on which they are applied. Some prefer to be part of a group and work as a team, while others favour a class that inspires them to work independently. Problematically, a student will not know how the class will be lead before taking (and often paying for) the course. Therefore, it is up to the instructor to bring a method that best suits the largest common denominator. However, each teacher will feel that his/her favourite exercises and lesson plans are best practice.

A Creative Writing Education: Over at ShortbreadStories we put together a series of posts and articles that debated the merits of taking a creative writing course.

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