Spam of the Day

WordPress’ spam filter for the comments section is fairly good. It filters comments that are not ‘legitimate’ and puts them in a spam folder — much like a spam folder in an email account. I can look at the spam and decide if I want to accept the comment or not.

Today I found a comment in my spam box that appears to be written by someone who speaks English as a second language, and not very well at that. I’ve pasted the comment below, not to mock (alright, to mock a little) but to show how important language is.

As writers its easy to take our native tounge for granted. But imagine if it was your job to write in a foreign language you barely know, in hopes of luring someone to a website. Granted by clicking through to the website you probably run the risk of downloading spyware, but it must be a tough job, and one that would be easier if the individual had a better grasp of the English language.

Spam of the day:

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We do not needfulness a heap pro each slope, because it make just be overwhelming. We examined each case for the purpose all vehicles and using our practice of these racks in our perception, the most appropriate election for such things as easy fit, appraisal, weight-based rating and aesthetics. It is our promotion, but of procedure we can put on the market each of the Thule wrench, Rhino and Rola ProRack. So if you have a torment are not listed, we know, you baptize us.

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