Guest Blog Post

In the bloggesphere there’s an honour higher than any other, being asked to write a guest post. And, I am so very excited to say, Russel McLean asked me to do a guest post for his Friday slot on Do Some Damage.

Russel is a wonderful crime writer out of Dundee (Scotland). He’s been on the short story crime writing circuit for quite a while, but his debut novel, The Good Son, was only published in 2008. In the three short years since his first novel, he has launched the book in the US with a subsequent tour of the States, has released a second novel The Good Sister, writes for a number of magazines, and is working on his third novel.

He also regularly blogs at These Aye Mean Streets and contributes to Do Some Damage , — a collection of crime writers who, as Russel puts it, ‘write about… oooo, whatever.’

So, when he asked me to fill in for him on Do Some Damage, I thought, ‘These are going to be some hard shoes to fill.’

For me, being a guest contributor was much more difficult than writing posts for my own blog. Do Some Damage has a style and a readership that has been carefully cultivated over time (as does any good blog), and I felt that I needed to say something important, slightly witty, and attempt to maintain the standard of writing usually found on the site. Plus, I wanted to fit in. After all, who doesn’t want to fit in?

Whether I achieved my goal or not is moot, because, now that the post has been uploaded onto the site, I feel like the actual post was not of importance but the action of writing it was.

When I post on the ‘ol marshrachel blog, I know I can change the content at anytime. In fact, I’ll often read over old posts, catch a typo or an unnecessary word, edit the post and republish. No harm done. However, when writing a guest post, I can’t go back and change the text after it’s been submitted. Being a guest blogger is more akin to being published in print. You send it off, someone else puts it out into the world, and you hope for the best. All a guest blogger can do is attempt to edit the piece to the best of his/her ability before sending it away — quite appropriates as my guest post for Do Some Damage is on ‘The Importance of Editing’.

But over all, it was a fun and useful experience. The post got me thinking about editing, and it was nice to be a part of another team. I sincerely thank Do Some Damage for letting me have a bash at writing for their site.

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