With Apologies

Before I start today’s post, I must proceed with an apology.

The apology I am about to post is very common place in the blogosphere, which makes me wonder if it is at all necessary. It is an apology for not posting for quite a while.

Perhaps this apology is not completely sincere, but instead a matter of formality – like those ‘with apologies’ one sends to a group when a meeting can’t be attended. You know the polite ‘with apologies’ email; the one you send despite the fact you are in no way apologising and are actually quite happy to have an excuse to not attend the meeting.

Dear Board of Trustees for the Society for Maintaining Potholes in Order to Provide Hindrance to BoyRacers (SMPOPHBR),

I am sending my sincerest apologies for not being able to attend the upcoming AGM. Due to a prank by some local BoyRacers, I am knee deep in tar and asphalt.

Yours truly,
Rachel Marsh

When in fact, I am actually sitting in Barbados drinking pina coladas, and I’m not at all sad that I can’t be at the SMPOPHBR AGM.

So, here goes my ‘with apologies’ for the blogesphere.

Dear Trusted Readers,

My sincerest apologies for not having posted for the last month. I have been knee deep in thesis writing, and have been unable to fulfil my duties as a blogger. However, I hope to rectify this in the near future.

Yours truly,
Rachel Marsh

However, this little apology may not be quite truthful. As, in fact, I’ve been dicking about with my novel, working, watching far too much telly, visiting my boyfriend, and in my spare time finishing my thesis. (Shhhh, don’t tell my supervisor, he thinks my thesis is top priority.) Yes, I should have been blogging, but instead I’ve just been going about my life.

Which I means, I actually should include another apology:

Dear Thesis,

I am sending my sincerest apologies for not giving you the attention you deserve and instead waiting to the last minute which will most certainly send me into a blind panic. My delays have been unavoidable as I have been blogging, working, in deep thought about the changes needed for completion of my thesis.

With regards,
Rachel Marsh

Once again, a less than sincere apology. In truth, I’ve been dicking about with my novel, working, watching far too much telly, visiting my boyfriend, emailing my friend Emily, and having a cuppa with my friend Karen.

So, there it was, the traditional blog apology for not having posted in a far too long. Now, on with the blog…

Wait, it’s such a nice day. And really, I’ve got a lot of work to do on my thesis. And there’s an episode of Being Human that needs to be watched on the iPlayer. So, well, I’ll just blog later.

I promise.

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