Ten Tips for Finding a Writing Class: Number Ten

Everyday for ten days, I’ll post a new tip for finding a writing class.

Number Ten: Keep an Open Mind 

The last rule of ‘How to find a great creative writing class’ is ‘Ignore all the other rules.’

It is so easy to NOT do something. You’re always too busy, and it’s possible that you can’t get enough information on a chosen course. Or, maybe, you don’t even know what you want from the class, and you’re not even sure if you want to be a writer. Your friends keep telling you that writing a novel is a silly idea, and those that are supportive are better writers than you. It’s not easy deciding if an online class is the right choice, or if a traditional course has more advantages. Plus, none of us have money to throw away on leisure classes.

Every year, every semester, every month and every week, it’s easy to say, ‘Oh, I’ll take a class next year/semester/month/week.’ But the class is never taken and procrastination prevails. 

But the only time to take the class is now. It’s time to just go down to your local college or community centre and sign up. Then on the day, turn up. It is just that easy.

Once you’re there, the course may or may not go well. They might make you read your work aloud, which may cause you to panic. The teacher might assign a writing task, and your mind may go blank and all you can think about is your grocery list. Everyone in the class may be mean, snooty and pretentious, and maybe you realise that writing is just too hard and you never want to see a blank page again.

But this isn’t likely.

What is more likely is that you’ll find some things you like about the class and some things you don’t. You’ll learn some new things, and you’ll write a little. You might go home after the class excited to start that novel, and you might even write a few chapters. You’ll hopefully discover that some of your scenes work, and you’ll also find out that other parts of your writing needs serious revisions. And, most likely, you’ll discover that writing is fun and you want to keep going.

All you need to do is keep an open mind. Even the ‘bad’ aspects of the class are part of the learning experience, and the next time you take a class try to avoid those negative aspects. 

Yes, I promise, it’s that easy.

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