Writing Class vs Writing Group

What is the difference between a creative writing class and a creative writing group?

A creative writing class is often a much more structured affair. It will usually have some form of an instructor, run for a specific period of time, and will usually charge a fee for attendance. Not all creative writing classes are credit bearing, and some are more casual than others. This is something you should look into before signing up for a class.  

A creative writing group is often an informal gathering of like minded writers. There may be a leader (either official or just someone who takes charge), and the meetings can be extremely structured or closer to social gatherings. Some writing groups only ‘invite’ members so they can control how large the group gets, while others are open to the public. You’ll find writing groups often advertised at your local library, bookstores and coffee shops. A positive aspect of a writing group is that it is free, and if you don’t like it, you can drop out without much trouble. However, beware. Writing groups often turn into social chat sessions, and without a strong leader to make sure the topic stays on writing, the meetings can often continue on without any discussion of writing.

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