A Creative Writing Teacher’s First Post

The first post must certainly be the hardest. The pressure to say something intriguing, witty and smart that will bring readers back to the site regularly. Plus, there is the desire to find and hook an audience through a post that states who you are and what you do, all in accessible manner without being patronising.

Due to this immense pressure, this site has been under construction for over a month. It became much easier to procrastinate than to write that first post.

But, why even start a blog in the first place?

‘Everyone’ said that without a blog, an online presence, or a multi-media based platform, I would never work again. That in today’s digital market, the average consumer is unable to read a piece of paper, ask friends for an opinion, or go to a physical library; therefore, it is imperative that I have a space online in which I can hock my wares, publicise events, and have a good rant in general. I need a website so that people can find out about me at the speed of light. According to ‘everyone’, it’s amazing that I was ever able to find work before I had a website.

The problem is that I am not very good at publicising myself. (I can publicise the heck out of others, but despite my brash and at times obnoxious energetic personality, I have difficulty marketing my own wares.) Additionally, a blog in which someone drones on regularly about their skills and assists, sounds as interesting as a blind date with a used car salesman. 

Instead of completely going down the PR route, I’ve decided to use my blog to talk about what I know – and what might be of interest to those who stumble across this website. I’ve been teaching creative writing for over ten years, and I have been a student of many creative writing classes. While I’ve had other jobs, teaching has been a passion for a long time, and it is the single thread in what is often a chaotic life. So, I will be posting about learning to write. What to expect from writing classes? Should you join a writing group? What’s the best way to hone the craft of writing?

For those who are looking for a bit more about me, I have added pages (see the bar above) regarding my experience, upcoming and past workshops, and information on how to hire me as a tutor.

Otherwise, please see the following post ‘Ten Tips for Finding a Writing Class’.

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2 Responses to A Creative Writing Teacher’s First Post

  1. Albert Lehzen says:

    Hello Rachel,

    Nice to see you have finally caved in. You ever need any student references I will be sure to make you blush, and say ‘oh shucks!’. We all still need to meet up.



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