Autumn 2017 Writing Classes


Check out my autumn creative writing and literature classes. Two courses running at the Guildford Book Festival, two weekend writing classes at the Perth Pathways Centre, and a fun two day retreat at the Braemar Arts Festival. Plus, ‘Exploring Genre Literature’ at the University of Dundee.

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A New Venture

1*5ztbgEt4NqpVaxTc64C-XAI’ve put my first piece on Medium. Not the usual teaching or writing stuff that you’d find here. Mostly lefty socio-political ramblings. If you want to read it go to: 

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Quick Post – Anonymity and Academic Blogging

For the academics who want to start blogging, but who are worried about anonymity, this post from ‘Shit Academics Say’ is an excellent piece about just that subject.

How I Lost My Voice by Psyc Girl

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You are a Writing God

Recently, I’ve repeatedly heard new creative writing students state variants of the following of phrase, ‘I didn’t know what to write next, so I just made this up’.

My response, ‘Of course you made it up. It’s fiction.’ Continue reading

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Another great Festival in Braemar


The River Dee passes through Braemar

For the past four Octobers, I have spent several days in Braemar working with creative writers as part of the Braemar Arts Festival. It is regularly the highlight of my creative year, and this Festival was no different. Continue reading

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Quick Post: Prepositions

Image from SheWrites Grammergency.

Image from SheWrites Grammergency.

If you’ve ever had a problem with the preposition, check out SheWrite’s piece ‘Preposterous Prepositions.’

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Quick Post: No age or gender limits

We know that men are dominating literary discourse, and we know that more men are nominated for literary prizes than women. However, there are two rays of sunshine in this murky publishing landscape.

In 2018, the small press And Other Stories will only publish books by women, and the Huffington Post has gathered a list of the top ten women who published after the age of 40.

The Huffington Post list is only as important as the actions of And Other Stories if you read the list, go out and buy these books, and continue to read the work of other women authors.

So, go and so that. Now.

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